A SERL owned Subsidiary.
We are experts in the running and management of complex real estate projects and complementary activities such as urban planning, industrial parks and office service centres.

Currently the following projects are managed by SERL:

> The Woodclub business park in Saint Priest, with restaurant, creche and company hotels facilities.

> A ground floor retail space based in the ‘Croix-Rousse’ area in Lyon France.

> The cooperative company cafeteria of Meyzieu based in the Industrial park of Gaulnes de Mezieu/Jonage (Built by SERL@aménagement for SERL@immo² in partnership with SERL@énergies and will be managed and let by SERL@services).



The following projects by SERL@immo² and its partners are underway:

> The Parc du Puy d’Or business park in Limonest. 1100 m² of office space with a cafeteria and creche.

> Axel One a chemical and material innovation centre in Saint-Fons in partnership with the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations a government financed structure. This is managed under the direction of SCI Nova One Immo.

> Arvin Meritor (Renault Trucks) in Saint-Priest renovation of an industrial site of 10000 m² of an unused industrial complex on 12 hectares of land.

> Several Entrepreneurial parks already managed and used by SERL let to local councils.

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